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CrossFit Chula Vista Endurance is an adjunct to CrossFit for those who want to compete in endurance events from 5K to Adventure races. We believe strength, power, anaerobic conditioning, and proper mechanics lead to endurance success, not 'long slow distance'. There is method to our madness and we'll let you read our method both here and at CrossFitEndurance.com.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

CrossFit Endurance scheduling

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Friday, February 3, 2012

CFE for Saturday 2/4

CFE for Saturday 2/4
1.5 mile repeats
meet at Montevalle Park near the play structure at 8am

~Coach Aubyn

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CFE for Tuesday 1/31 and Wed 2/1

What's worse than a Tabata? A double tabata. Tuesday night crew we are meeting at CrossFit Chula Vista at 6PM. Wednesday morning ladies, we are at the box again at 9am.

Friday, January 27, 2012

CFE for saturdday 1/28

Hey Everyone. CFE tomorrow ( saturday) is for all you non Wild Horse Racers. We will meet at The Woods Clubhouse at 8am located just behind the fire station at the corner of Woods Drive and Otay Lakes Road. You'll be running a rolling 4 mile course for time, meaning....hard fast efforts. See you there!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

CFE WOD info for NON WILD HORSE RACERS 1/24 &1/25

CFE for Tuesday/ Wednesday 8 x 200m. Tuesday night crew, we are back at Eastlake High School track 6PM. Wednesday morning CFCV at 9. Don't forget, CFE fees were due to me 3 weeks ago. I HATE spending my time chasing people for this. Respect my time and effort, and I'll respect yours.

~Coach Aubyn

Wild Horse 13.1 Taper Schedule

Listen up! Everyone who is "racing" on Sunday. Here is your Taper schedule. A copy of this will be at CFCV on the endurance white board for you to follow. Notice I said for all of you who are "racing" if you aren't racing or you are using Wild Horse as a time trial then please go about your week as you normally would. Following the WODS that are posted at the box and get your CFE runs in.
Monday: Rest or 5x3 back squat at 70%
Tuesday: If you rested monday then do you backsquat
Wednesday: Helen...at 70%
Thursday: 8 x 200m easy pace ( 70%)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Crush the race
If by Friday or Saturday you feel like you are coming unglued from decreased activity then go for a light 15 minute jog. Or walk the dog, etc. The idea behind this is to get you pacing like a caged tiger ready to pounce by Sunday morning. It's totally normal to turn into a complete miserable asshole by the end of the week. Warn your family and friends and just know it is part of the process.

Friday, January 13, 2012

CFE for saturday 1/14

Tomorrow's WOD is Mount San Miguel as most of you are aware.THIS IS AN OPEN WOD ANYONE WELCOME. We may have visiting CFE affiliates join us as well. PLEASE make sure that you are eating right and hydrating today, and that you show up tomorrow having had something to eat about 60 to 90 minutes prior. You do not want to attempt this thirsty or hungry. I also highly suggest bringing a GU or a honey stinger or whatever you decide to use. Those of you getting ready for upcoming races, this is a perfect opportunity for you to try race nutrition and see if it agrees with your stomach or not. As always I will provide butt wipes for those of you who meet "The Beast." We are going to start the WOD at 8am so please be early. Again, water is highly recommended. Bring a camera, the views are amazing. Stacey is bringing treats. I may provide some as well. I have the Tshirts $25 each.

East H
H street turns into Proctor Valley Road right around Hunte parkway continue east on Proctor Valley road passing Duncan Ranch Road
Turn Left onto Coastal Hills
You will drive into a development and follow that road about a mile until you reach Butterfly Court. We will meet at Butterfly Court you may park there or to your left. From there we will walk up a small access road to where the WOD begins underneath the high voltage power line. Please allow for 90 minutes to complete the entire workout. See you all there.